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Used Spantrack

Spantrack can be retrofitted to most existing pallet rack systems

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Spantrack is a fairly new and very innovative product line. Similar to pallet flow rails Spantrack can be used to transform your existing static pallet racking into a dynamic storage system. Spantrack differs from pallet flow rail in that it is typically used for cases, boxes or cartons. Spantrack is available in several widths, lengths and capacities so you are sure to find a configuration that will work for your specific needs.

Used Span-Track

Used Span-Track bundles

Spantrack is usually found in 9", 12" and 18" widths, with other sizes being custom made as needed. If you purchase spantrack, be sure to also remember the hangers which will be needed to mount the spantrack to the pallet rack beams. is the distributor of new & used spantrack & case flow conveyor for Minneapolis, Minnesota and its surrounding area. In business since 1979, stocks all major brands of spantrack including: Unex - Rhino - SJF Material Handling - Unarco and more.

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Pro Tip
Pro Tip!

"Never extend any material over the length of your cantilever arms."
~ Vance Haugen

Examples of Spantrack Systems

  • Used Spantrack
  • Spantrack Shelf
  • A Complete Spantrack Case Flow system
  • Rhino Track with Beam Hangers

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