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A side view of a three deep by three high push-back rack system

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Push Back Racking is a great product that will give you a dense, dynamic storage system to store palletized goods. Push back is loaded from the front of the rack by pushing pallets toward the back. When product is removed, the next pallet in line will 'flow' forward on rails. The pallets themselves rest on nested carts or trays that store within one another. Push Back racking is a very good pallet rack system when you have many pallets of material that don't need to be rotated very often. Push back and drive in racking storage racks are also similar in terms of concept (high storage density) however push back racking offers easier retrieval of pallets because the pallets automatically flow to the front of the rack system. The main difference between a pallet flow rail system and a push back rack system is that with pallet flow, you can store pallets much more deeply than with push back.

Used Pushback Rack

Empty Push-Back Rack Trays

One other difference that sets push back and drive in apart is the amount of SKUs that you are able to store with each system. Given an identical footprint, height and pallet position count, the push back racking will be able to store more SKUs than the drive in rack. This is because within a push back system, you can have a SKU for each pick face. In a drive in rack system, you would only typically have a different SKU in each bay. is the distributor of new & used push back racks and dynamic pallet storage systems for Minneapolis, Minnesota and its surrounding area. In business since 1979, stocks all major brands of push back racking including: Interlake Mecalux - Steelking - Unarco - Frazier - Konstant - Ridg-u-Rak - SJF Material Handling and more.

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Pro Tip
Pro Tip!

"If your pallet load isn't quite evenly distributed on a wire deck, instead of replacing it with a heavier duty wire deck you can simply add pallet supports between the existing channel supports on the wire deck. This will increase the deck's overall ridigity."
~ Kendal Kalamaha

Examples of Pushback Rack Systems

  • Push Back Rack System
  • Empty Pushback Racks
  • 6 Deep Pushback Rack
  • Back to Back 5 Deep Pushback Rack

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