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A Stacker Entering a Drive in Pallet Storage Rack System

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Drive in and drive-through racking have the advantage of being among the most efficient warehouse rack systems in existence. The advantage of using this style of racking is that you can store your pallets extremely close to one another, thus eliminating much of the air space taken up by more traditional warehouse storage racks.

Drive in and drive through racks are a LIFO or 'Last In, First Out' storage system. Pallets are stored and retrieved from the same side in several aisles on several levels. Typically, one of these pallet racking systems would be employed where shelf life is not a critical factor. Drive in/thru racks also work well in cold storage or freezers. One item to note, however, is that where drive-through racks can be entered from both sides, drive in racks can only be entered from one side.

Drive in Rack Bays

Looking into a bay of Drive in Rack

Because of the densely stored pallets, drive in warehouse racks systems are very desired where space is at a premium. The closer you can pack the pallets together, the more goods you can store in a given footprint. Because of this product density, there will also be less airspace to heat or cool, so high-density pallet storage racks are also a very energy efficient solution.

UsedRack.com is the distributor of new & used drive in rack and high density pallet storage rack systems in Minneapolis, Minnesota and its surrounding area. In business since 1979, UsedRack.com stocks all major brands of drive in racks including: Interlake - Mecalux - Meco - Hiline - Ridg-u-Rak - SJF Material Handling - Spacerak - Speedrack - and more.

Pro Tip
Pro Tip!

"Universal style wire decks will fit either box or step beams, but step channel decks will only work with step beams."
~ SJF Sales

Examples of Drive in Rack Systems

  • Drive in Rack System
  • 4 High Drive in Rack
  • Drive in Rack Entry Bay
  • Drive in Rack

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Frequently Asked Questions about Rack

Roll-form drive in rack is the preferred storage rack for light and medium storage due to its bolt-less design and lighter overall weight.

Structural drive in rack is preferred for heavier loads when storing loads that weigh 1,500 lbs. or more. Structural drive in rack is made from hot rolled c-channel structural steel. It uses additional hardware (nuts and bolts) for assembly. It is inherently heavier, stronger and can hold heavier loads than roll-form rack. It is more impact resistant than roll-form rack.

While roll-form drive in rack is the rack of choice for light and medium storage, structural rack is often the preferred solution for higher density applications. Structural racks are thicker and the heavier construction offers improved resistance to impact from forklifts entering and exiting the racks.

You should consider using structural drive in racks:

  • When heavier capacities (1,500 lbs or more per shelf) are being stored.
  • When storing traditionally heavy and bulky items such as plywood, lumber, pipe, bar stock, steel sheets and coils, sheetrock, etc.

Due to its heavier weight, structural drive in rack costs more to ship than roll-form. Roll-form rack is less costly to ship because it's lighter than structural racks with the same dimensions.

Due to its heavier weight and nut and bolt connections, structural racking may take longer to install, which could effect cost. Roll-form drive in rack traditionally installs faster due to its bolt-less connection design, which allows for a fast and easy connection of the arms to the uprights.