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Single-Sided Cantilever Rack holding various sizes of lumber

Cantilever Racks (sometimes called pipe racks or lumber racks) offer fast and convenient handling of long, unwieldy stock including plywood, steel plate & pipe, PVC, furniture and more. The advantage of cantilever racks is a racking system that provides the user instant access to anything from one piece to a full load of material. Cantilever racks and cantilever racking based systems, when used correctly, can be instrumental in creating a neat and orderly inventory system where previously none existed. The heavy-duty steel construction permits storage of pipes, tubes, steel stock, and other long product(s) that must be kept raised off the floor. In addition to providing support, the bases of the cantilever uprights can also be used for additional storage levels. Forklifts can easily load items onto and off of the arms. By purchasing additional cantilever rack uprights, cantilever racking arms, and/or brace sets you can easily add onto any of the existing cantilever rack systems we offer for sale.

Cantilever Racks in a Row

Cantilever Racks in a Row

Usedrack is the used racking systems division of SJF Material Handling Inc. SJF is the nation's largest stocking distributor of new & used cantilever racks, cantilever racking systems, parts and components. In business since 1979, SJF Material Handling Inc. stocks all major brands of cantilever racks offered for sale including: Lodi - Interlake - Speedrack - Frazier - Meco - Palmer Shile - Unarco - Steel King.

Pro Tip
Pro Tip!

"Carton Flow Rack Tip: When measuring your carton flow shelf, make sure you're taking into account any knuckles or impact trays on the front and supply that to your supplier."
Kendal Kalamaha

Examples of Cantilever Rack Systems

  • Wood being supported by a cantilever rack system
  • Cantilever Racks holding up Metal Stock
  • Cantilever Rack System with a Supported Roof
  • Empty Cantilever Racks from a home improvement store

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